Business Law

Your business is important to you. It’s like the diamond you hold in your hands. You want to take care of it and protect it. We can help you.


We have experience helping people start, fund, grow and sell their businesses. We have our own business and have helped many business people in Maryland start their businesses and protect them. We can help you with the business that is a precious diamond to you. Please call us at (301) 340 – 8200 or email us at

Our attorneys can help you with the wide variety of issues that arise when you own a business. When you are starting a business, you may need assistance in determining the type of corporate entity, such as sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, would best fit your goals.  We can discuss your goals, the benefits, risks and costs of each type of corporate entity and help you make the appropriate choice.  We will prepare and file the correct documents with the appropriate Department for your business.

We can also help your existing business expand.  You may not have the time or legal background to review, negotiate, and draft contracts and other agreements.  Often you will have contracts with many different parties, including real estate, employees, suppliers and vendors.  Sometimes you may need to draft non-compete clauses, confidentiality agreements or litigate to enforce them.  If you have contract disputes, or are victims of fraud or unfair business practices or need to restructure, our attorneys have years of experience resolving business conflicts, both in court and out.

Sometimes businesses file bankruptcy, dissolve or have a change in ownership.  As these situations can be stressful, it is important to have a qualified Maryland attorney who can take care of the details efficiently.  We can guide you through the bankruptcy proceedings and negotiate with creditors.  If your business is merging or acquiring another company, we can assist you with negotiating the details of the merger.  When necessary, we can contact experts to assist you with asset valuations, liabilities and tax ramifications.

John R. Garza is recognized as a Super Lawyers in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.  The Garza Firm continues to have the highest rating awarded by Martindale-Hubbell.  If we can help you, please call us at (301) 340 – 8200.