Real Estate


Your home is your castle. We help people buy and sell their castles. We have helped thousands of clients over more than 20 years with their real estate transactions. We are affiliated with a title and closing company, Century Title, that can also help you. Please call us for help with your real estate matters.

Whether you are seeking to close on a residential home or want to take part in a large, commercial real estate transaction, The Garza Firm can help you with your real estate needs.  Our full service real estate practice can help you with purchase and sale agreements, mortgage financing, foreclosures and negotiations. We review all types of real estate contracts and financing agreements, and assist you in obtaining clear title, if needed.  Our office can assist you with document preparation for all your real estate needs, including filing and preparing liens and preparing contracts.

In addition to handling non-adversarial real estate needs, we can also assist you with commercial zoning issues and other disputes (including litigation), which involve real estate.  We can also help you obtain zoning variances.  Our office has successfully represented a wide variety of residential and commercial clients.

The Garza Firm has years of experience handling real estate closings and other legal issues involving real estate.  Our real estate attorneys and award-winning litigation department can help you with all the legal details pertaining to real estate.  If we can help you, please call us at (301) 340 – 8200 or email us at