General Litigation


A serious dispute that results in litigation can be very troubling and worrisome. We know. We have seen the issues caused by serious litigation with hundreds of clients. We can help you. We can take on your case and fight for you.

We have years of substantial experience litigating importance cases for our clients. If we can help you, please call us at (301) 340 – 8200 or email us at

In some instances you may be contractually obligated to resolve your dispute through alternative dispute resolution.  Many corporations now include arbitration or mediation clauses in their contracts.  In that instance our litigation lawyers will diligently prepare your case and present it at the arbitration or mediation hearing.  An arbitration hearing is presided over by an arbitrator or arbitration panel.  An arbitrator(s) is an impartial party or panel who determines the result of the arbitration.


Mediation is another way of resolving a legal dispute.  When mediating a case, our attorneys will present your case and discuss it with an independent third party who will try to facilitate a meeting of the minds between all parties, so the case can settle.

The general litigation practice of The Garza Firm handles a wide variety of cases including general injury law, medical liability law, tort liability, contracts, business law, real estate, products liability and other matters that require knowledgeable, experienced attorneys.


John Garza has been named one of the “Super Lawyers” in Maryland. John Garza has been named a Top 45 Trial Lawyer in the Washington DC metro area. If you need an attorney with experience resolving disputes before judges, juries, arbitrators and mediators, The Garza Firm has the expertise you need.  If we can help you, please call us at (301) 340 – 8200 or email us at